There is a famous quote from American psychologist Kay Redfield Jamison that suggests “play is not a luxury. Play is a necessity.” Here at Little Giggles we completely agree, and so we’d like to share five reasons why we believe play truly is a necessity.   Play helps children learn It is no coincidence that

4 reasons children love soft play

As an adult, you may look at soft play and wonder what all the hype is about. Why do children insist on going back again and again? The reality is, children LOVE soft play. The benefits of playing in these environments are abundant, but here are just four really lovely reasons why children love soft
Soft play is an experience designed for young children – but that doesn’t mean that parents can’t benefit from it too. You see, the set-up also has many advantages for mums and dads to enjoy. If you’ve never accompanied your child to a session then you may not realise exactly what these are. So with

Letting off steam at soft play

It’s quite true that parents spend the first few years of a child’s life teaching them to walk and talk and the following decade asking them to quieten down and sit still. The fact is, however, that children of all ages need to be able to let off steam. Making a lot of noise and
There are numerous benefits for parents to take advantage of when they treat their son and daughter to a soft play session. However, it’s arguably children who have no brothers and sisters who stand to gain the most from this incredibly fun activity. If you’re the parent of an only child, here are four ways

Soft play myths – debunked!

Soft play has been popular with young children for many years now, and has been loved by many. Throughout the years though, there have been some common myths about soft play centres that have put people off experiencing them with their children. Here are those myths and the reasons why they’re not true. Soft play
Parents are always eager to find out everything there is to know about their child. Unfortunately, this isn’t always possible from within the confines of the home. This is why mums and dads are venturing to soft play areas to discover another side to their child’s personality. While watching your young one enjoy a few

The social aspect of soft play

Many parents feel isolated when they have a baby or toddler to care for at home. If you have previously worked full time in a busy working environment, then the shift to being alone with your child can feel daunting and lonely at times. The good news is that there are many social activities and
According to data from the NHS, children in the UK are at higher risk from obesity than almost any country in Europe, with more than a third of UK children overweight or obese. NHS Live Well, a huge campaign that aims to educate and inform families and individuals as to how to improve their health,
Playing is important for many reasons and throughout their lives, children are encouraged to do so. Many educational approaches feature games and elements of play to encourage learning and see excellent results. Structured play has many benefits, but casual play is just as important. When children engage in their choice of play, particularly in a