3 surprising benefits of soft play for young children

3 surprising benefits of soft play for young children
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Soft play has quickly become a popular activity for parents with young children. It might seem like nothing more than a simple way to keep young children occupied, but there’s so much more going on below the surface. Here are three of the most surprising benefits of soft play for young children.

Improve gross and fine motor development

Movement is something that comes so naturally to adults, so we rarely stop and think about how we learned to control our movements. Children learn two types of motor development; gross motor development and fine motor development. Gross motor development includes things like running, jumping, skipping and climbing. Fine motor development involves learning delicate tasks, such as balancing or moving small things with their hands.

Soft play helps children develop all of these skills as there are so many activities on offer. Climbing over obstacles and navigating the twists and turns of the jungle gym is a delicate task that requires athletic ability and also fine motor skills. It is this combination of skills that makes soft play so essential for a young person’s development.

Enhance emotional development

Having plenty of opportunities to interact with other children is a great way to enhance your child’s emotional development. Children learn valuable skills through play, including how to deal with conflict and how to understand other children’s emotions. These are all skills that will serve them well when they go to school.

Playing in a soft play area is often a time when children get to be independent of their parents. It offers a safe place for them to explore the world and start building friendships with other children. While playtime with their parents is essential to their emotional development, children can also learn a lot by playing with children their own age in a soft play centre.

Improve the quality of sleep

One of the biggest benefits of soft play is that it offers year-round fun which will never be hindered by poor weather. Parents can sit back and relax knowing that their children are getting plenty of exercise in a safe environment.

Even being active for 15 minutes per day has huge benefits for young people. A sedentary lifestyle can lead to many health problems, so by giving children plenty of opportunities to be active, you are giving them the best possible start in life. Being active during the day also means that children will sleep better at night, and sleep is vital for their development. Deep sleep is when children do most of their learning, making sense of what they have seen in the day and making vital connections in their brains.