3 ways soft play can improve your children’s fine motor skills

3 ways soft play can improve your children’s fine motor skills
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From sports to play, when it comes to young children and toddlers getting moving it is one of the biggest priorities in their little lives, and encouraging an active and varied lifestyle is just as key to ensure proper, diverse and versatile development. But when it comes to developing those fine motor skills beyond running and climbing, soft play can provide the additional skills needed to navigate just about any location.

Varied shapes and scales

Unlike flat parks or playgrounds, soft play can provide invaluable lessons skills in climbing and balancing. This applies even on uneven surfaces and surfaces that might be slippery or have different textures, ensuring that children are provided with a better skillset to walk on a variety of different surfaces, as well as up and down steep inclines with the correct adjustments to prevent trips and stumbles. Anything from large-scale shapes to simple steps and levels are present in soft play, offering a varied and value-packed experience.

Hand-eye coordination

With many soft play areas featuring problem-solving tasks, whether enforced or imaginary, based on children’s games and play time, the ability to have the correct hand-eye coordination to not only reach for the thing you want is an integral part of development. The skills to grip that item, and either have the focus to position it correctly or the ability to manoeuvre when using objects requires a good level of this coordination – a skill that soft play can provide in abundance.

Encouraging active behaviour

For some children, active running and playing just isn’t in their nature when outside or around a large number of other children. The more intimate and accessible nature of soft play ensures they have a safe, comfortable environment in which to further develop their motor skills, by running, jumping and climbing in a designated and safe location that can be actively monitored and accessed by parents when needed.

If you’re looking for the ideal way to expand your child’s fine motor skills, soft pay might just be the best next step for safe, fun and educational development. Find out more about what our soft play can offer your child here.