4 reasons children love soft play

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As an adult, you may look at soft play and wonder what all the hype is about. Why do children insist on going back again and again? The reality is, children LOVE soft play. The benefits of playing in these environments are abundant, but here are just four really lovely reasons why children love soft play.

  1. It makes them happy

Quite simply this; it makes them happy. Soft play centres are a hub of bright colours, exciting toys and fun activities. There is no happier place for a child than a space designed simply to play, to let their imaginations run wild and to have fun. And there is nothing more precious than a child’s smile after all!

  1. It challenges them

In soft play, children must overcome obstacles, defeat challenges and push their limits. While developing these essential skills, children find confidence in themselves. This confidence encourages a sense of achievement and pride and has a really positive effect on children, both mentally and physically.

  1. They spend quality time with mum and dad

Making memories outside of the home are so important for children. Settings like soft play allow children to spend quality time with their parents, where they can play together without the day to day distractions of home. This encourages strong parent/child bonds to grow and creates happy childhood memories that will last a lifetime.

  1. They make new friends

Soft play is a very social setting that allows children to mingle with others of a similar age. Friendships are vital throughout our lives, and developing the ability to make friends at a young age is essential for children. Play centres are the perfect setting for children to overcome shyness and interact with other children in a way that is safe, fun and enjoyable.

Here at Little Giggles, we are proud to offer a facility that is welcoming, fun and exciting. Our innovative play facilities benefit the growth and development of children, encourage learning and, most importantly, make children happy. For more information, or to plan a visit, contact a member of our friendly team today.