4 reasons to visit soft play over the school holidays

4 reasons to visit soft play over the school holidays
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The school summer holidays are nearly upon us, and as parents, there’s a lot to consider. With six weeks to be filled, it can be hard to find perfect activities to keep the children entertained. Visiting soft play is a great option for the holidays. Here are four reasons why.

  1. Soft play keeps children social

Over the holiday children may not receive the same social interaction as they do during school, where they’re surrounded by children 5 days a week. Visiting a local soft play centre is a great way to keep children social and allow them to meet more children in the area. At soft play, children can form close friendships and practice the essential skills of communication and interaction.

  1. Soft play continues development

At soft play children continue their development of motor skills. By running, climbing, jumping and playing children strengthen their muscles and enhance their co-ordination. Soft play is also great for imaginative development as helps children to engage in play and problem solving.

  1. Soft play encourages family fun

Adults will enjoy their day at soft play too. Whether it’s playing alongside the children or simply watching them enjoy themselves while sitting back with a nice cup of coffee. Soft play centres provide the perfect solution for a family day out that caters to everybody. The school summer holidays are a great opportunity for parents and children to spend some quality time together, and there’s no better setting.

  1. Soft play makes memories

There’s a reason children ask to return to soft play again and again. Here, they are able to make happy memories with family and friends. Play is essential for children and promotes healthy bodies and minds. It is a stress relief and a way to experience excitement and wonder, giving children fond memories of summer to look back on.

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