5 reasons why play is a necessity, not a luxury

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There is a famous quote from American psychologist Kay Redfield Jamison that suggests “play is not a luxury. Play is a necessity.” Here at Little Giggles we completely agree, and so we’d like to share five reasons why we believe play truly is a necessity.


  1. Play helps children learn

It is no coincidence that schools use play in many of their learning techniques. Play encourages children to engage in their learning, and during play children learn without even realising they are doing it. Problem solving, imaginative thinking and logic are all enhanced, and children will become better learners because of it.

  1. Play encourages physical development

Children push their boundaries while playing and so their physical development strengthens and grows. Various movements in play such as balancing, running, climbing and throwing/catching balls are hugely valuable to the development of motor skills in children.

  1. Play supports a healthy life

The act of play can encourage exercise, keeping children happy and healthy. As well as the many physical health benefits, play is also essential for a healthy mind. By allowing children to blow off steam, de-stress and relax, play is supremely beneficial for their emotional well-being.

  1. Play forms strong relationships

Be it with other children, parents or siblings, play helps to form strong relationships. Happy play encourages children to trust, to share, to communicate and to make new friends. Not only that but fond memories are created which only makes these bonds even more special.

  1. Play is fun

The most simple reason of all, but no less important. Play is fun! All children should have the freedom to enjoy themselves, to try new things, to laugh and have a great time. There is little more important to a child than having fun, and with all the other additional benefits that play includes there is certainly every reason to encourage it.

Here at Little Giggles we support the happy, healthy development of all children through play. If you’re looking for a fun, safe environment to play with your children then contact Little Giggles today to see what we have on offer.