A playful child is a healthy child

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Children and playing go hand in hand. Throughout time, children have always had the desire to play and have always found a way to do so. Nowadays, we are lucky to grow up in a time where games, toys and play facilities are easy to access and with plenty to choose from. Children play because it is fun, because it challenges them and because they enjoy it. Best of all, play has some important health benefits for children as well. Just take a look…

  1. Physical activity

Play is very much a physical activity, which sees children running, climbing and jumping. While it may not look or feel like exercise, that’s exactly what it is and children who play benefit from this in many ways. As well keeping them fit it can strengthen muscles and lead to long, restful sleep.

  1. Stress release

It is a bad assumption that children do not get stressed. While they may not experience the same responsibilities as adults, day to day worries can still affect children and leave them feeling anxious or uncomfortable. Play is a great way to release stress, as it promotes laughter and enjoyment. Stress can be extremely damaging to health, causing headaches and an inability to sleep, so using play as a release is a great option to keep children happy.

  1. A healthy brain

As well as physical health, play is good for strengthening a healthy and active brain. Play encourages children to be imaginative, to overcome challenges and to solve problems. All of this can improve memory and help children to process thoughts. In fact, for children, a great deal of learning is done through play and so the benefits are paramount.

  1. Positive relationships

Play encourages social behaviour and can teach children valuable lessons in making friends, sharing and meeting new people. Not only that, but when children play with friends or relatives it creates important bonds and encourages healthy, happy relationships.

Here at Little Giggles Soft Play we provide a fun, safe and stimulating environment for children to run, laugh, imagine and, of course, play. Contact us to find out more.