The benefits of sensory play

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Our selection of interactive and stimulating play equipment at Little Giggles means we are the perfect place for young children to experience the benefits of sensory play.

Every parent knows how much their child loves to touch, examine and play with anything they get their hands on. As babies grow, their early impulse is to look, touch or even use their mouth to examine and understand an object as they begin to explore the world around them.

It’s all part of their natural instinct to discover and interpret their environment and is actually an important aspect for brain growth. This is because sensory play helps to develop nerve connections and pathways in the brain, which affects how a child can carry out more advanced learning tasks. The more a child’s brain is stimulated with play and learning, the more connections will develop, enabling the child to carry out more complex tasks and problems and increasing their capacity to learn.

Sensory play also helps to develop and enhance a child’s memory as by interacting with stimulating toys and equipment, the child will build new memories and therefore expand their sensory memory.

Researchers have also found that sensory play can be effective in calming an anxious or agitated child; it’s a great way to help relieve internal discomfort such as boredom or restlessness as it gives them an outlet for these feelings.

Sensory play is also a way to develop children’s motor skills. The interactive apparatus and moving equipment at Little Giggles will enhance both their fine motor skills, which are important for smaller, more dexterous activities, and their gross motor skills which look after larger activities such as walking and running.

It’s therefore beneficial to provide children with plenty of opportunities for sensory play. Our equipment includes colourful lights, movement and eye-catching designs which all help to stimulate a young child’s senses and allows them to experiment and explore while they play.

This is all carried out within a safe and secure environment with plenty of padding so parents can rest assured that their children will be safe as they play and learn.