Promoting motor skills
through colour and play

We are a unique concept of soft play centre being all on one level and open plan with almost every piece of equipment having a moving or light up element.

  This helps to promote the motor skills of children as well as stimulating their young minds through colour and active play.

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Soft play areas offer the perfect opportunity for children to develop the social skills that will be useful to them as they grow. Schools are where kids pick up a variety of important social cues. However, this is in a stricter, more regimented environment where education takes priority over play. (Which can be a good
You’ll no doubt jump at the prospect of spending some time – no matter how long or short it is – with your grandchild. The issue is that most grandparents are left with this dilemma: how can you find an activity that’s both fun and also helps with the child’s development? Well, it just so
Sticky ice-lolly fingers, sand and soil stuck on suncreamed knees and elbows and, of course, the inevitable visits to beaches, forests and parks. That’s what a British summer is all about, right? However, amongst the hordes of flying Frisbees, plastic-suited gladiators and screeching bicycles, there always stands the little boy or girl who won’t put


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