Promoting motor skills
through colour and play

We are a unique concept of soft play centre being all on one level and open plan with almost every piece of equipment having a moving or light up element.

  This helps to promote the motor skills of children as well as stimulating their young minds through colour and active play.

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Sensory soft play provides a safe and fun environment for babies and toddlers to explore their world. Unleashing your child on an environment made for exploration and creativity can help them develop life-long skills, from honing their physical abilities to making friends and learning to collaborate and problem solve. Soft play is great for development
Rewarding good behaviour is common practice in parenting. It’s the perfect way to encourage good behaviour going forward and lets children know their efforts are appreciated. Each parent will have their own approach to praising their child and offer big and little rewards for different achievements. Here are just four reasons why soft play is
The school summer holidays are nearly upon us, and as parents, there’s a lot to consider. With six weeks to be filled, it can be hard to find perfect activities to keep the children entertained. Visiting soft play is a great option for the holidays. Here are four reasons why. Soft play keeps children social


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