“The more risks you allow your children, the better they learn to look after themselves.” – Roald Dahl With so many negative headlines and modern perils to navigate, the natural tendency is for parents to want to wrap their kids in cotton wool. One of the hardest battles mums and dads face is knowing when
For many years now soft play has been a favourite among children of all ages. It’s something they never seem to grow out of and so it remains an enjoyable activity throughout childhood. Aside from being great fun, there are many benefits to soft play particularly for babies and toddlers. So, why exactly is soft
Children love to play and it’s long been known that play has a huge number of benefits for children of all ages. Child development does not just come, however, from children playing alone, with friends or with siblings but also from playing with their parents. So, why exactly is it so important for parents to
The general change in lifestyle regarding the overall neighbourhood safety, coupled with the change in how much time is spent by parents working, continues to contribute to the decline in hours per week allocated to young children for play. In fact, a recent article in the New York Times which compared the difference in play
What comes to mind when the word ‘play’ is mentioned? Perhaps it is images of children dressing up, imaginary tea parties with teddies or scaling climbing frames whilst engaging in superhero battles. With these activities some benefits such as the language, social and emotional development may be fairly obvious. However, there are clear opportunities for
Parents and children love soft play and for very good reasons. When parents think of soft play they often think of the physical benefits for their child. This, of course, is very true, but children are also learning about the world around them and how to communicate with others. Below we discuss how soft play
In addition to providing social skills, creative outlets, and the opportunity to let off steam and energy, play has another crucial role to play in child development: the development of fine and gross motor skills. Gross motor skills are movements which come from moving the whole body, and generally from large muscle groups. These include
Our selection of interactive and stimulating play equipment at Little Giggles means we are the perfect place for young children to experience the benefits of sensory play. Every parent knows how much their child loves to touch, examine and play with anything they get their hands on. As babies grow, their early impulse is to
Interacting with your child in a soft play centre can have more benefits than just the chance for your child to have fun while you manage to enjoy the luxury of a still warm cuppa! It can give you a fantastic opportunity to observe the development of your child as they scramble over equipment and
Watching your kids throwing themselves around quality indoor play equipment is all about fun, right? Well, that’s a big part of it, but not everything. The hours that your children spend exploring, climbing, experimenting and challenging themselves is actually a vital play-cation. It gives them stimulation, relaxation and an improved sense of wellbeing, just as