Summer hot spots for kids

Summer’s here! School’s out! And we’re faced by the perennial question – How do we keep the kids entertained? Here are four hidden hotspots that offer great local family days out. Kingswood Heritage Museum – Warmley William Champion’s 18th century zinc and brass mill, with gardens to explore and fascinating features to discover, such as
Since our Little Giggles venture began, we have always worked to enhance and improve your child’s experience with us. Here are some of the ways in which we have improved our service to you, ensuring that your child’s time with us is safe, fun, and educational. Our mission Here at Little Giggles, we have a
We all know that sleep is important regardless of how old we are, but the importance of the younger generation getting a full 40 winks can never be overstated. Lacking in sleep is, for children especially, linked to problems with cerebral and physical development in their formative years. Many believe that over-stimulating youngsters before bedtime
With the summer months now upon us, it’s great for our children to get a little bit more vitamin D. But as parents, we need to make sure they’re also safe in the sun! Some of the best ways to help protect your little ones on a hot day are: Sun cream – Make sure
Have you ever tried to discipline your child for being cheeky or outrageous, only to find your mouth twitching and you have to suppress the urge to smile? Or maybe you have even dissolved into hysterical laughter at the point you should have been reading them the riot act? The good news is that being
There are so many types of soft play equipment out there that even a quick look down a list of toys and tools can sometimes feel overwhelming – and leave you with more questions than answers. Which items will encourage children’s motor skills? Are they visually stimulating enough? And what about safety? And value for
It’s often challenging to find the time for playing together when you have a busy family life, especially if you are also balancing work commitments and other activities. Ensuring your children participate in at least 60 minutes of active play each day is highly recommended, but it’s a lot easier said than done. Play is
Gross motor skills refers to those skills that regulate full body movement and strength. These skills are used every day for walking, standing, running and sitting. It is important that your child develops these gross motor skills, so that they too can carry out daily functions and activities, such as getting dressed, climbing stairs safely
All children are naturally imaginative, and it is through active play that we first learn to use our imaginations to develop creative thinking, problem solving, and understanding of our world. When children first start to play with objects, even before language development, they are embarking upon a learning journey which will equip them with the
A study from Bupa revealed that almost as many as half of us suffer from stress and 1 in 11 people in the UK now take anti-depressants. These are worrying statistics, but there are ways to help reduce these symptoms and one of these is through regular exercise. It is particularly important for young children