Developing coordination, balance and motor skills through soft play

Developing coordination, balance and motor skills through soft play
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When you’re a child, the world is your playground. But it’s also your classroom and the place where you learn important skills like coordination, balance and motor skills. These are the essential building blocks for your child’s development that let them walk, feed themselves and play with confidence.

Encouraging independence allows your child to feel comfortable trying new things and making friends, and develops the physical confidence that is so important when facing new situations. So how can a session of soft play help to develop skills that can help your child make friends, perform well at school and stay safe?

Challenging balance

Any soft play equipment like a balance beam or a rocker that challenges a child’s equilibrium is great for building balance. Strengthening core muscles by challenging stability is the best way to help your child adapt to different levels and changes of direction making it easy for them to cope with hazards in real life.

Climbing for coordination

Cargo nets, ladders and climbing walls are brilliant ways for your child to test their new found coordination skills to navigate moving from one level to another. The obvious benefit of climbing in a soft play environment is that no one gets hurt if they take a tumble and there’s always an incentive to try again to get to another piece of exciting equipment. After all, you can’t slide down unless you can climb up!

Climbing also builds strength and encourages children to experiment with different types of movement to achieve their ultimate goal. Those problem solving skills can be invaluable for school and socialising, too.

Boost those motor skills

Soft play is the ideal way to promote the development of gross motor skills like running and jumping that encourage kids to use their large muscle groups and fine skills like stacking, solving puzzles and handling small items like balls and blocks. By allowing them to test out and master those skills in a safe and fun environment your equipping your child with the confidence they need to explore the wider world knowing that they can rely on their bodies to do what they want.

At Little GB we believe in the three Cs – letting children be cheeky and creative in a caring and collaborative soft play environment. If you want to boost your child’s essential skills then why not book a soft play session with us today?