Developing physical literacy through soft play

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In order to develop physical literacy – the knowledge of how to move to achieve tasks – children need to be able to practice in both structured and unstructured environments. Children are constantly learning through unstructured play in any environment that they’re in, but you can greatly aid their development in a structured and purpose built environment like a soft play area.

Motivation to move

A stimulating area, like a soft play area filled with lights and colours, will trigger the inquisitive nature of any toddler or infant, and this will encourage them to explore and try out new movements. This desire to move is the first step in developing physical literacy and a soft play area is the perfect stimulant to get them moving.

Confidence to move

Confidence to move comes with time and the learning journey is fraught with both successes and failures. Your child will fall and fail countless times before they succeed, but the beauty of a soft play area is that it is soft. Putting your child in an environment where they can try new movements and succeed and fail without hurting themselves will help to build their confidence to move much more rapidly.

Competence to move

Competence to move comes only with practice and there is always more to learn. A soft play area will continuously offer new challenges to help your child develop. As you watch on, you’ll see them master new skills and conquer new soft play challenges every day, as they develop from motivated to competent through repetition and practice.

A soft play area is a wonderful environment to help accelerate your child’s development in physical literacy and it will even help them to develop motor skills that you yourself do not have. A common worry in many parents is that they can’t teach certain motor skills, as they do not have the knowledge or skills themselves, but in a soft play area children will have the opportunity to learn for themselves and develop these new skills gradually until they are competent.

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