Equipment tailored to your child’s development needs

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Did you know the fabulous soft play equipment on offer at Little Giggles Bristol has all been meticulously designed to ensure your child’s play helps to develop many key areas essential to their growth?


Safe yet challenging

Our equipment is designed by Japanese company, Yu Kids, and their vision is to create play centres that encourage friendship and collaborative play. This has seen their Yu Kids Play System transported globally, offering children across several different countries the chance to share in the benefits of their soft play centres which are both safe yet challenging.


Movement: the key to development

One word which is at the heart of the play centre’s design is ‘movement’. It is essential for children to gain experience dealing with different forms of movement and exercise in order to encourage the development of their coordination and balance skills.


Yu Kids play equipment is designed to encourage child development through four different categories of movement which the equipment helps to foster in the child’s play. These are ‘Move In,’ ‘Move On,’ ‘Move Through’, and ‘Move Up and Down’ attractions, each hoping to target specific physical actions and challenges.


‘Move In’ attractions require children to adjust their balance as they climb and crawl through obstacles, helping boost their sensory awareness and creativity to adapt to new situations. It is also great fun to be tumbled around, playing on such apparatus as a hamster wheel.


‘Move On’ play requires children to test their balance once again, utilising the equipment to move along the play area through swinging attachments and climbing blocks. With ‘Move Through’ obstacles, children not only experience their own movement but also movement around them, helping to challenge their reaction skills as they dodge balloons and clamber through ball pits.


Using equipment which meets the ‘Move Up and Down’ criteria, children get to grips with objects such as see-saws, which not only challenge the individual but also require cooperation with other children to make the attractions a success, again helping to foster successful play with other children.


Yu Kids play equipment in Bristol
There is certainly a vast array of equipment waiting to challenge your children at Little Giggles Bristol, pushing their physical abilities whilst of course ensuring their safety. Come watch your child’s creativity develop and expand through play by joining us here in Bristol for a day out that is guaranteed to be tremendous fun for all involved!