Gross and fine motor skills explained

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What comes to mind when the word ‘play’ is mentioned? Perhaps it is images of children dressing up, imaginary tea parties with teddies or scaling climbing frames whilst engaging in superhero battles. With these activities some benefits such as the language, social and emotional development may be fairly obvious. However, there are clear opportunities for physical development too. Physical development can be broken down into gross and fine motor skills.

Gross Motor Skills

The term ‘gross motor’ is typically used to describe the skills needed to control the large muscles or muscle groups in the body for activities such as walking, running, jumping and skipping to name but a few. Developing skills in this area will help your little one to gain strength and also have the confidence to tackle the physical world around them. Gross motor skills do not necessarily need to be taught, but surrounding your infant with the right equipment and opportunities will aid their development. From birth babies are processing information about their environment and gradually understanding their bodies better. Learning how to crawl and indeed walk are complex gross motor challenges. Equipment such as that provided at Little Giggles provides opportunities for your little one to explore in a safe environment. The colourful and exciting soft play apparatus make the development of gross motor skills a fun and interactive experience.

Fine Motor Skills

‘Fine motor’ refers to the skills involved in careful control of smaller muscles such as the fingers, toes, tongue, hands and feet. Acquiring both gross and fine motor skills will help your child to become much more independent and able to complete those everyday tasks such as brushing their hair, doing up those fiddly buttons and not to mention hold and manipulate a pencil. These skills can be developed through the filling and emptying of objects, which seems to be an activity very popular amongst toddlers! While to us this may seem dull and laborious, it is a great way for infants to develop muscle movements as well as aid concentration and cognitive reasoning.

So what are you waiting for? Come along to a session at Little Giggles where your child can safely develop both fine and gross motor skills under the supervision of experienced staff. Each and every child at Little Giggles is important to us, and we love nothing more than seeing children having fun whilst developing these crucial life skills.