What happens if…? Risk-taking play

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“The more risks you allow your children, the better they learn to look after themselves.” – Roald Dahl

With so many negative headlines and modern perils to navigate, the natural tendency is for parents to want to wrap their kids in cotton wool. One of the hardest battles mums and dads face is knowing when to let their kids test themselves and explore the world, and when to reign them back.

This starts at an early age. Modern helicopter parents watch their cherubs’ every move and go out of their way to keep them safe at all times.

But it could be argued that a degree of risk – and certainly experimentation – is important for a child’s development.

It is the most natural, normal thing for children to seek out opportunities to push their boundaries and to find sensory input to aid developmental growth. They build confidence and better judgement if they are allowed to deal with unpredictable and uncertain situations, to test themselves and the world around them.

How high can they climb before their nerve goes? Can they let go on a big slide and land safely? Would they be okay if they jump from a high ledge to a ball pit? What happens if…?

Smothering that natural tendency to experiment with risk may keep them “safe” while they are little. But it doesn’t equip them with the skills they need in later life, such as problem-solving and risk evaluation. They don’t learn to make their own judgement and gain confidence to push their abilities to the limit.

One of the best ways to provide risk-taking play for children is a soft play centre. They can explore their abilities and boundaries with little chance of injury in a way that is hard to replicate outdoors.

Here at Little Giggles, we provide children with a safe and nurturing environment to experiment, take risks and push themselves. We see little ones who return regularly growing in confidence and dexterity when using our soft play equipment. Spacial awareness improves and they find new physical abilities by pushing their boundaries.

Even better news is that this risk-taking play is all provided in a friendly, controlled setting while even the most anxious parent can relax with a cup of tea or coffee. Why not visit us today?