How active play can form good exercise habits for life

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Active play is an essential part of a young child’s development. It encourages imaginative thinking, problem-solving, socialising and large motor skills, but even at its most basic it’s also a really great form of exercise. Encouraging children to get up and do things needs to start at a young age and frequently heading to an indoor play area can lay down the foundations for lifelong healthy habits.

Away from the screens

Active play with play equipment, whether it’s at the local park or an indoor play centre, encourages children to be away from screens, which are having more and more influence on our daily lives. It’s important that children understand from a young age that there are more options for play than simply choosing to play on screens or watching television.

Wet play

One excuse many families put forward for not getting out and getting active together, is the many days of rain, snow, wind and grey we have in this country each year. There are however numerous ways to get active when it rains, especially as kids get older, such as swimming, trampolining, indoor team games and rock climbing. Frequenting an indoor play area from a young age will open children’s minds to the options they have for getting active as they grow up, and help them realise that bad weather is no excuse for not giving your body a stretch.

Being active together

One way to lay the foundations for lifelong habits of being active is to play with your children when they are young. During this time adults can help encourage problem-solving, teach boundaries via natural play fighting tendencies and most importantly, laugh together. Associations that your child will have from playing with you will form the groundwork for a positive approach to fitness as they get older.

As you can see, active play is about more than just growth, learning and development. It’s also about having fun, bonding and being healthy. Instil lifelong habits of being active by taking your children to an indoor activity centre like Little Giggles from their toddling years and continue to encourage them to get out and about at every opportunity.