How children with Autism benefit from soft play

How children with Autism benefit from soft play
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Soft play is suitable for children of any age and ability. In particular, soft play can be hugely beneficial to children who are on the autistic spectrum and who have coexisting sensory processing disorders. Below we explore the many benefits of soft play for children with autism.

It’s a social activity

Soft play is a social activity. Even though your child may enter the soft play environment alone, once inside they need to navigate the ball pool, or go down that slide with other children. Autistic children often find turn taking and reading facial expressions very difficult. Together with your support they can work on these social aspects and have fun with, and alongside other children.

Sensory stimulation

The soft play environment is a sensory environment. It’s full of colour, different materials and equipment that goes up and down, round and round. Many autistic children seek out this sensory stimulation. They’ll jump into the ball pool, climb up that netting and enjoy the huge slide. They can seek out all of this sensory stimulation in a fun environment.

It’s safe

One of the most important aspects of the soft play setting is that it is safe and secure. Children on the autistic spectrum very often have little sense of danger and like to take risks. Soft play allows them to do so in an incredibly safe and controlled space. The area contains soft mats, padding and is staffed to ensure the safety of all children. They are able to climb and jump in a much different way than that of in a concrete playground.

Understanding the world

It can help your child to better understand the world. Children with autism have difficulty in communication and this can impact their understanding of their environment. Soft play helps to break down those barriers, as all children are using the same equipment but can do so in different ways. Your child can explore the soft play equipment, while integrating with other children. This can help them to better understand our world.

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