How soft play can form an essential part of a child’s activity regime

How soft play can form an essential part of a child’s activity regime
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According to data from the NHS, children in the UK are at higher risk from obesity than almost any country in Europe, with more than a third of UK children overweight or obese. NHS Live Well, a huge campaign that aims to educate and inform families and individuals as to how to improve their health, claims that children should enjoy at least 60 minutes of moderate fitness per day in order to help prevent or tackle obesity. Moderate activity includes walking, cycling, or simply playing in the park. The good news is that moderate fitness also includes large indoor play such as soft play. We take a look at how you can incorporate soft play into your child’s weekly activity schedule.

Rainy days

One thing that parents find particularly hard is ensuring their child gets a good deal of active exercise even when it’s raining, snowy or stormy outside. Soft play is the ideal wet day solution and can ensure your child gets their 60 minutes of daily active time.

After school

After school is an excellent time to visit a soft play centre and ensure children get a good hour or so of fitness. At school, children spend long periods of time sitting down and frequently only get around 30 minutes of activity in their lunch hour, whilst PE lessons only occur once or twice a week. This means that heading to a soft play centre after school means you can make sure that you have ticked off the time required for that day (plus they’ll sleep better too!).

Screen-free play

One of the major causes of childhood obesity (as well as fizzy drinks and processed foods), is increased ‘screen time’. Computer consoles, tablets, mobile phones, and television have seen increasing amounts of time that UK children spend sitting, where ten, twenty or thirty years ago they would have been active. The great thing about soft play is that it’s not a hardship, it’s an ideal play alternative to screen time whereby not only are they having fun, but they are getting those essential active minutes of exercise too.

As you can see, large indoor play is the ideal way to incorporate more minutes of activity into your child’s week, regardless of the weather. To find out more about how Little Giggles can help, contact us today.