How soft play encourages sibling bonds

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There is nothing quite like the relationship between a child and their siblings. Brothers and sisters will always share a unique type of love, and a bond that lasts a lifetime. Yet many parents find that when sibling rivalry sets in, children spend more time fighting and arguing than anything else. While this is a normal part of healthy sibling relationships, encouraging children to play and spend time together strengthens their bond, and creates a special friendship. Here are some ways that visiting your local soft play centre can help.

1. A different environment

Taking children to play in an environment outside of the home can take away some of the tension of sibling fights. In a different and more public environment, siblings are more likely to stick together as a team, rather than being on opposite sides. Together, they will explore a setting outside of their day-to-day routine, creating an exciting experience to share together.

2. New toys and play equipment

At home, children often become territorial over toys and games that belong to them. At soft play though, all of the toys and equipment are new to them, and belong to neither, leaving less cause for arguments. This also helps to promote the ability to share and this skill is then more likely to transfer into home life as well.

3. Overcoming challenges

Soft play, especially for young children, is perfect for the development of motor skills and physical ability. In soft play, children learn to crawl, walk, climb and roll on new surfaces and textures. They also face obstacles and enjoy the challenge of overcoming them. When siblings undertake this activity together, their bond strengthens as does their skills of communication and imagination.

Here at Little Giggles we are proud to offer a setting that is fun, safe and exciting. Our innovate soft play offers a fantastic family experience that can be enjoyed by all, it makes for the perfect setting for siblings to spend extra time together. Why not come for a visit and see for yourself? For more information, please contact us today.