How to get your children to be more active

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As adults, many of us find the prospect of exercise daunting or not particularly pleasant – even if we know it’s beneficial to our health. Our children can also be naturally resistant to things that are actually good for them – have you had any dinner table battles over finishing those last vegetables recently?

But it doesn’t have to be this way when it comes to keeping your kids active and physically healthy. At Little Giggles we believe the key to keeping kids active – and therefore healthy – is to make it as fun and enjoyable as possible.


The benefits of regular exercise have been well-documented for some time now, but it’s especially important for children – who are constantly growing and developing. For starters, exercise helps to prevent your kids becoming overweight or developing diabetes.

But it goes deeper than this. Kids who exercise regularly have been proven to sleep better (an essential for tired parents), are better at overcoming physical or emotional challenges, and have improved cognitive functioning. We all want the best for our children, but we don’t always know the best ways to help them stay active.


Play areas are an excellent option for keeping your kids active – they allow children to run, jump, climb and bound to their heart’s content with the energy that us adults could only dream of. But unfortunately, today many typical play areas and soft play centres focus on similar concepts and designs. We think these can become boring or dull, and there’s very little choice elsewhere.

Of course the great outdoors can provide an endless supply of fun and enjoyment. From adventure playgrounds to a kick about in the local park, it’s not difficult to have fun while helping your children to stay healthy. But as we approach Christmas time, the low temperatures and frequent rain showers make these outdoor excursions less and less common.


But here in Bristol our Little Giggles Soft Play centre gives you and your children a fresh take on indoor play areas with a groundbreaking new concept straight out of Japan.

Our soft play centre has lots of exciting and unique soft and adventure activities that you won’t find in your average play area. They focus on light and movement to deliver a fun experience that’s enjoyable as well as effective for learning and development.


Our soft play area is unique in Bristol. It’s more than just play – it’s designed to help with physical and cognitive development too. Take our Sky Rider for example – climbing onto and riding on these rotating balloons helps children to develop cognitive motor skills. Or how about our Light Slider – an inflatable light-up slide for climbing and clambering over. You won’t find these in your local park play area!

And of course our soft play area has been designed with safety as a top priority. Our state of the art equipment is rigorously tested with kids in mind – so you’ll have no reason to worry while yours whizz around from one activity to the next.

If you want to help your children to be more active why not visit Little Giggles Soft Play here in Bristol when we open in Early 2017!

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