Improving mental health with active play

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A study from Bupa revealed that almost as many as half of us suffer from stress and 1 in 11 people in the UK now take anti-depressants. These are worrying statistics, but there are ways to help reduce these symptoms and one of these is through regular exercise. It is particularly important for young children to incorporate exercise into their daily routine, as this can help combat these illnesses in the future. Exercise for children doesn’t need to be boring though; they can benefit hugely from active play and, best of all, they will love it! These are some ways that active play can boost mental health for children.

It’s fun

Playing on equipment and working out different obstacles is fun for children, especially when they do this with others. Fun is always good and this can be a great way to boost the mood. Even if your children is feeling tired or grumpy, some active play will be sure to improve their mood – which also means more peace and quiet for you!

Boost self-esteem

It’s not just adults who suffer from self-esteem issues, young children can too. Playing together with other children and being able to problem-solve can build confidence in children from an early age, which can do wonders for their self-esteem in the future.

Being active is normal!

It is important to encourage children to be active from an early age, as when they grow up, they will be less likely to want to sit around the house playing computer games or watching television. If they get used to being active and see it as normal, it will filter through to them for the rest of their lives and this is something you definitely want to encourage for better mental health.

Improve social skills

Children need to be used to being around each other and learn to share and communicate with each other. Active play can help children to make friends and become more sociable, which can have many positive effects on them for the future.

Come along and join us at Little Giggles Soft Play where we use lots of fun equipment to improve your child’s mental health and to ensure they have a great time.