Interactive apparatus for developing kids

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Here at Little Giggles, we have some of the most exciting apparatus for developing kids. Our range of safety fitted, high quality and fully padded soft play toys offer the chance for little ones to develop new skills, fitness and work with other tiny tots. With colourful lights, flying balloons, merry go rounds, water beds, slides and running wheels, we will have your little ones in awe. Encourage your children to discover new challenges, sights and sounds with soft play areas as well as getting that all important activity and exercise, vital for child development and good sleeping patterns.


Hamster wheel for building fitness


Getting your kids to engage in fitness is never an easy task, whether it be you running behind them in a frenzy while they scoot around the park or them running away all together through a crowded museum. Finding a safe space for kids to get some real exercise and build fitness is never simpler than with our newly installed hamster wheel, encouraging kids to run to their heart’s content, build friendships and strength through collaborative play. A wheel is a perfect, safe place for kids to practice their running skills.


Colourful lights aid awareness


A colourful lights system is both a beautiful and dazzling toy for kids and an aid to develop visual stimulation. Watch their little faces turn to amazement with a bright system of lights and fun.


Merry go rounds encourage teamwork


Kids love to come and play with a merry go round, encouraging kids to engage with others and form new super sweet relationships with little ones. You’ll love to sit back and watch them as they grow and have the time of their lives whizzing around on the merry go round!


Water beds improve balance


A new edition that wasn’t around when we were little! Water beds give kids chance to challenge and develop balance and coordination, improving posture and vital walking skills. The unstable surface encourages the use of new muscles giving little ones stronger limbs and steadier strides.
Get your kids active with on the go learning and development at Little Giggles.