Why all kids need a play-cation

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Watching your kids throwing themselves around quality indoor play equipment is all about fun, right?

Well, that’s a big part of it, but not everything. The hours that your children spend exploring, climbing, experimenting and challenging themselves is actually a vital play-cation. It gives them stimulation, relaxation and an improved sense of wellbeing, just as your holiday does for you.

Tired minds

Let’s be honest, our kids spend a lot of time in front of a screen of some sort – from mobile technology through to televisions. It’s all part of life these days, but it does limit their interaction with others and the time they spend relaxing with no visual stimulation.

Littlies are also under pressure to learn during pre-school activities and in Reception classes, which can wear you out when you’re small! Just think how you feel at the end of a busy few weeks, when you arrive on holiday and at last you can let go and relax. That euphoria is what your children feel when they get to the play area and can kick back and let loose for a while.

Learning as they play

Imagine a child, wellies on, stomping in a puddle, laughing like it’s the funniest joke ever. We all need that sense of abandon sometimes, that we can do things just for the sheer joy involved. That’s not to say children using indoor play centres don’t learn – active play is one of the best learning experiences there is, including for social skills.

However, the exercise they get as they enjoy the equipment is far more than just education – it’s also based in science. Ever heard of dopamine and serotonin? These are substances produced by the brain which play a key role in stimulating positivity and a good mood, and guess what gives them a boost? Physical activity and relaxation.

That’s why, when you get active and have fun on holiday, you can feel a warm glow inside for some time afterwards!

So, bring your children for a play-cation to Little Giggles Soft Play Centre in Bristol this summer. Hours of fun and a whole lot more besides for them – and you get a play-cation of your own, sitting relaxing while your children enjoy their break!