Why a laughing, cheeky child is a good sign

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Have you ever tried to discipline your child for being cheeky or outrageous, only to find your mouth twitching and you have to suppress the urge to smile? Or maybe you have even dissolved into hysterical laughter at the point you should have been reading them the riot act?

The good news is that being cheeky and laughing are all part of the sort of childhood that equips them well for adult life. Laughter is one of the best ways to diffuse stress, and it is also part of the process of learning and developing as a child.

But have you noticed how easily laughter comes to children who are active? One of the most delightful aspects of toddlerhood and young children is their ability to run around, giggling like mad, for absolutely no reason we can fathom. Especially when they are with friends!

Forget “dance like no one is watching.” Toddlers can dance when there isn’t even any music! This lack of self-consciousness, and the ability to have a good giggle and throw themselves around with complete freedom, is precious (as long as they are expertly supervised). You will certainly feel nostalgic about it during the moody teenage years.

And we all know that being physically active is great for their health and growth, but did you know that laughter is too? One study concluded that laughing 100 times is as good for your fitness levels as 10 minutes spent on a rowing machine.

Children running around a soft play area with their chums can clock up those 100 belly laughs in no time, exercising their “funny bone” at the same time as the rest of their body.

And as for being cheeky as they throw themselves around making merry. Well, a lot of the lighter stuff is them testing their boundaries, finding what they can and can’t get away with. It’s all part of the harmless experimentation kids do to make sense of their world.

According to Albert Einstein, “Play is the highest form of research.”

Clearly, taking children to a safe, well supervised area so they can let loose and have unbridled fun is a great way to get them laughing and researching. Bring them to Little Giggles in Bristol for some big fun – with maybe a little cheekiness thrown in for good measure.