New Year’s resolutions that will change your child’s life

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With New Year just around the corner it is time to start thinking about New Year’s resolutions you can set to make 2018 a healthier year. New Year’s resolutions give you a chance to set goals for yourself, but you can also use them to actively improve your child’s life too and give them greater opportunities to develop motor skills. Here we explore how you can change your child’s life with simple New Year’s resolutions.


It is far too easy to fall back on digital devices as a babysitter for your child to give you some peace and quiet, but doing so too much is not great for your child. Your child needs to play to develop and not just sit staring at a screen. Children should be encouraged to engage in soft play and activities instead of watching TV. This digital interaction will help them to develop mentally but will do nothing to help them to develop physically at this crucial stage.

Promote motor skills

Actively promoting the motor skills of your child will help them to develop into a stronger, better coordinated and more physically capable adult. Making a New Year’s resolution to take your child to a soft play activity centre at least once a week will give them this opportunity to engage in quality developmental play that will benefit them throughout life.

Get outside

Making a New Year’s resolution to get outside and enjoy the park and walks will be beneficial to both you and your child. There are many benefits to taking walks in the park with your child that you can both benefit from as a New Year’s resolution. As well as encouraging health in both of you, getting outside when they are young will encourage a healthy appreciation of the outdoors as they grow.

Whatever New Year’s resolution you set this year, think about how it can help your child to develop and grow. Small steps that you take to promote better motor skills in your child and reduce exposure to TV will have a long-lasting effect throughout life and can benefit you both in the year to come.