Only the best equipment for our little angels

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Here at Little Giggles Soft Play in Bristol, we want to create a world of imagination and active play for children. We believe that active play encourages social skills and interaction between children whilst nurturing their imaginations, which is why we’ve designed a safe space to enable children to climb, play and slide in peace and harmony.

Equipment that matches our values

Our impressive interactive apparatus includes flying balloons, a palm tree merry go round, a waterbed boxing ring, light slides and hamster wheels – most of our equipment has a moving part or lights! Our core values are the three Cs: cheeky, caring and collaborative, which we think are shown throughout our fun and unique play facility. Our exceptional design has been created with fun and stimulation at the core of what we do and we think you’ll agree.

Sensory exploration

The play area has been decorated with colourful lights and designs to be visually stimulating. The sensory experience is designed to encourage active play and inspire children’s minds by exploring around fun and colourful apparatus. All of our equipment is safe to the highest standards and made with top quality materials, as we know that safety is of paramount importance.

By encouraging soft play, your child will play in a relaxed environment and learn social skills as they interact with others. During play children learn how to make friends and resolve conflicts, skills that are needed throughout life.

Getting children into exercise at an early age means that you have a better chance of them becoming a more active adult, which means a healthier body and a more confident person. Physical exercise is also a positive method in reducing any pent up emotions that your child might be feeling.

At Little Giggles Soft Play in Bristol, we have an interactive soft play space where you’ll find a range of equipment that encourages children’s social skills. Don’t miss out; get your child moving around and getting some great exercise whilst interacting with other children. This is a one of a kind experience and parents can rest assured that there little ones are will enjoy a memorable experience.