Reasons to visit soft play after school

Reasons to visit soft play after school
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Soft play centres are often a first choice of fun for children. The play facilities, the bright colours, the chance to let their imagination go wild… it’s no wonder they love it so much! And soft play does not need to be restricted to a weekend activity. In fact, visiting soft play for a couple of hours after school has brilliant benefits. Just take a look:

  1. It helps them unwind

School days are long, and children are expected to keep focus throughout. This includes studying multiple subjects, and taking in a great deal of information. Allowing them to play after the school day helps children to unwind and relax. It’s also a perfect reward for good behaviour and a day of learning.

  1. Encourages a good night’s sleep

Soft play is active play, and encourages children to run, jump, crawl and climb. This level of activity will promote deep, healthy sleep, leaving them well rested and ready for another busy day of school the following morning.

  1. Enhances learning skills

In play, children learn. That much is a fact. Play encourages children to use their imaginations, to problem solve, and to role play. This boosts creative thinking, emotional intelligence and other skills, both mentally and physically. With that in mind, a day of school followed by soft play is an all round great way to encourage learning and enhance essential skills that children need to grow.

  1. Time with parents

With school five days a week, it can feel like you don’t get enough time to spend together. Soft play is the perfect venue for parents and children to enjoy quality time, playing and laughing together, without the distractions of home life. If you have more than one child, soft play is also a great way for them to play with each other.

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