Skills, security and storytelling: 3 benefits of sensory soft play

Skills, security and storytelling: 3 benefits of sensory soft play
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Sensory soft play provides a safe and fun environment for babies and toddlers to explore their world. Unleashing your child on an environment made for exploration and creativity can help them develop life-long skills, from honing their physical abilities to making friends and learning to collaborate and problem solve. Soft play is great for development and wellbeing, and gives mums a much-needed break too, so everyone goes home happier!

Soft play for skills

Watch any bunch of toddlers navigate their way around a soft play area and you’ll see them developing their motor skills. Being able to climb, roll, jump and crawl without fear of being injured encourages little ones to push their own boundaries, move and learn.

But soft play isn’t only for toddlers and it doesn’t just encourage motor skills. Older children love to meet up with their friends in the relaxed environment. Whether they get physical or choose to lounge around and interact, a soft play area can be a great hangout which helps them to develop their social skills.

The benefits of security

Being in a safe place can help your kids feel more secure, not just physically but emotionally too: they’ll feel more able to challenge themselves and try new things. And because they’re more secure in themselves, they’ll try new movements and interactions that they might not attempt in the outside world.

As your kids build their balance and co-ordination, they’ll also build their confidence, making soft play a great way for them to find their limits and explore their potential.

Creative storytelling

Any soft play area soon becomes another world where your kids can get creative and unleash their imagination. Any part of the environment can become a house, a fort or a pirate ship and lead your child towards developing their storytelling skills.

Collaborating with other kids to create imaginary worlds is not just fun. Communication skills and problem solving are all developed as your toddlers get creative with their growing imaginations.

Soft play is a great way to set up your child for a healthy and happy future, so why not pop along to a soft play session at Little Giggles today?