Why social skills and soft play are the perfect combination

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There’s no doubt that soft play, interactive play and other developmental activities are fantastic for children’s motor skills – but there are also a plethora of other valuable life skills that little ones can gain from exciting play sessions with other children. In an environment designed to provide stimulation and encourage social interaction, developing the skills needed for friendship, sharing and collaborative play is simple.

Sharing is caring

Developing an understanding of sharing toys and areas with other children – whether it’s taking turns or just playing together – is an essential skill for children to learn from a young age. For children without siblings, our soft play offers a way to introduce the idea of sharing for the first time in a positive and comfortable environment. For children who aren’t yet in nursery or preschool, these skills will make their eventual transition that much easier.

Developing motor skills together

Children develop their motor skills in multiple ways, from a natural instinct to parental encouragement, but the added incentive of being able to observe children of similar age gives them something to see that shows them just what to do. Children are capable of copying movements and actions to a degree, from sign language to gestures, and advanced motor skills can be mimicked too. Though not all children develop at the same rate, the plentiful apparatus and equipment we provide encourages positive development at whatever pace is comfortable for you and your child.

New friendships

There’s nothing better than seeing your child become more confident and independent as they grow and develop, and friendships with other children of their age are part of this. Soft play gives your child a chance to bond with other children in a safe, relaxing setting that makes for a fantastic way to further develop skills in communication and understanding. We work with parents to do what is best for their child and to help them grow, and communicative skills, as well as motor skills, are a large part of that development.

At Little Giggles Soft Play, your child comes first. We aim to offer a safe, stimulating space to help children develop skills and learn new ones in an exciting and involving play area. Contact us today to find out more about our soft play site.