Soft play can develop your child for future success in sports

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Mums and dads generally want their child to embrace sports for multiple reasons. Dads perhaps want their offspring to grow up to become a world-class athlete, whereas mums could be more concerned with them being fit and healthy. The fact of the matter is that both aims can be achieved with the help of soft play. After all, the pastime is one that helps groom children for a life of excelling in sports and athletics. Here are three reasons why.


Coordination isn’t something that you’re born with. Instead, it’s a skill that people begin to develop and hone from an early age. Soft play areas are a place where children with different levels of coordination can grow by improving their ability to walk and balance, as well as hold and use certain objects. It’s not guaranteed to make your little one the next David Beckham, but it’s certainly setting them off on the right track to do so.


There’s no ‘I’ in team. This is the message that young children must realise when they enter the world of sports. While independent play is perfectly acceptable at soft play, there’s also a great opportunity for your child to socialise with others of the same age group. This can help your son or daughter learn to work and play alongside others, which can eventually aid them when it comes to team sports in later life.


It’s generally the mums and dads who have to give their child a gentle push into the world of sports in future. Thankfully, your little one will be more trusting of your skills and judgement if they remember fondly their experiences of you taking them to soft play. This is because the frequent trips will help them understand that you’re the person who opens them up to exciting adventures where there’s plenty of fun to be enjoyed.

Try it!

It never hurts to think long-term when you take your child to a soft play area. After all, it’s not just a fun day out but also an experience that can shape them for years to come. With this in mind, don’t wait to make your next visit to Little Giggles.