Soft play and your child’s social development

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Parents and children love soft play and for very good reasons. When parents think of soft play they often think of the physical benefits for their child. This, of course, is very true, but children are also learning about the world around them and how to communicate with others. Below we discuss how soft play helps children with their social development.

Soft play is not solitary play

Soft play, on the whole, is not a solitary play activity. When you take your child to a soft play session, they will be playing with other children. If your child is an only child, then they can really benefit from soft play as they can interact and have fun with other kids in a safe and secure environment.

A mix of children

Soft play invites children of all ages and abilities to come together under one roof. This allows your child to play and interact with children that they otherwise wouldn’t meet. Children learn from both observing and interacting with other children. Having a mix of different ages and abilities is hugely exciting and stimulating for young children.

Learn social skills through play

Play is hugely important for a child’s development. The soft play environment allows children to interact with others and to develop those much-needed social skills. Children will have to take turns when waiting for a particular piece of play equipment, and at other times children will need to work as a team. Children will, of course, make up their own games and rules while playing with their peers, which can help with reasoning and negotiation skills.

Range of play equipment

Soft play has such a diverse range of play equipment to help your child with social development. The ball pool encourages interactive play, the slide encourages turn taking and patience, while merry-go-rounds encourage children to play together. This diverse range of soft play equipment allows the child to interact when they want to, and to then take time out when they need to recharge their batteries, or to simply have a little alone time.

Soft play is fun, interactive and a great way to encourage social development. To help your child benefit, why not bring them along to our soft play centre at Little Giggles in Bristol?