Soft play: helping mums and dads read their child’s personality

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Parents are always eager to find out everything there is to know about their child. Unfortunately, this isn’t always possible from within the confines of the home. This is why mums and dads are venturing to soft play areas to discover another side to their child’s personality.

While watching your young one enjoy a few hours of fun is sure to leave you smiling, it’s also an invaluable experience in terms of helping you to understand your child and how well they are developing. With this in mind, here are three ways soft play can help you to read your child’s personality:


In particular, parents with only one child tend to worry about whether their son or daughter is sociable. This can easily be put to the test with just one visit to a soft play area. The abundance of children enjoying the equipment will give you key insight into how your youngster interacts with others of a similar age. Whether you find that your child is an introvert or an extrovert, multiple trips to the soft play area can only strengthen their ability to socialise with others.


It’s difficult for parents to create a space where their child can truly express themselves within the home. After all, most mums and dads are limited to what they can provide within their own four walls. On the other hand, soft play can be an extremely enlightening experience for parents, as they see their child drawn to a variety of different colours and games. All in all, this helps you gain a sense of how your child’s personality is changing.


Soft play areas are designed to increase a child’s motor skills. In fact, it’s one of the most useful environments for parents to see how their son or daughter is progressing. You can also use this function when it comes of understanding your child’s personality, as you see whether they enjoy doing activities like climbing or dancing. You can then cater to this interest.

Give it a go!

A day out at Little Giggles is sure to be both a learning experience for you and your little one!