Soft play is the best medicine for getting children over an illness

Soft play is the best medicine for getting children over an illness
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It can be hard to watch your child suffering from an illness – especially when it means they have to spend a few days recuperating indoors. Luckily, once your kid is on the mend you can find solace in whisking them away for an afternoon of soft play. While the activity is one that brings joy all year round, you should find added comfort in knowing that the pastime comes with additional benefits for those youngsters who have recently been under the weather. With this in mind, here are three ways that soft play can be the best medicine for children getting over an illness.

Change of scene

You’ll no doubt feel upset that your son or daughter hasn’t been able to leave the house and enjoy themselves in a few days. Thankfully, soft play provides them with a much-needed change of scenery – with plenty of room to move around and loads of smiling faces to play with. It really can boost your child’s mood!

Back into routine

Every parent knows just how important it is to establish a firm routine for their child. After all, chaos can ensue without designated times to sleep, eat and play. While routines can fly out of the window when a child is ill, soft play is a great way to set one back into motion because it’s a structured – yet fun – activity.


Let’s be honest, your main aim will probably be ensuring that your child doesn’t fall ill again anytime soon. Exercise is, of course, a fantastic way to stop future sickness from striking. By stretching their legs and running around an exciting soft play area, your child will be strengthening their immune system after it’s been weakened. This will make them less susceptible to runny noses and sore throats in future.

Give it a go!

The fact that it’s beneficial for children getting over an illness is as good a reason as any to pop along to soft play. If you’re looking for an activity that should come as a welcome change from being doctor and patient, you and your child should get yourselves down to Little Giggles.