Soft play myths – debunked!

Soft play myths – debunked!
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Soft play has been popular with young children for many years now, and has been loved by many. Throughout the years though, there have been some common myths about soft play centres that have put people off experiencing them with their children. Here are those myths and the reasons why they’re not true.

  1. Soft play is dirty

Since soft play may see hundreds, even thousands, of children in its lifetime it’s no wonder many people assume it’s dirty. Sticky hands are of course likely to come into contact with the soft play equipment. However, this equipment is made of easy to clean materials that can be wiped, mopped and disinfected to keep hygiene to a maximum. This makes indoor play a particularly clean environment for young children to explore without a care in the world!

  1. Soft play is outdated

With the concept of soft play centres rising in the 80s and 90s, many people now assume that this idea of play is old-fashioned and outdated. In fact, soft play has advanced hugely with the times, and new concepts are constantly being introduced. The variety of play equipment and the way they’ve adapted to suit the needs of children of all abilities means that this is actually a really modern way to play with your children and let them develop their motor skills and sociability.

  1. Soft play isn’t active enough

Some people believe that soft play centres don’t offer enough space or equipment for children to experience active play. Yet a combination of soft play and outdoor activities and sports is great practice for giving children a varied, active lifestyle. In soft play, children not only run but climb and crawl to develop different skills and gain strength and confidence. Soft play offers a safe environment for this active behaviour to be encouraged, explored and discovered.

At Little Giggles, we challenge every negative view on soft play by providing a positive, innovative experience for children and parents. Contact our friendly team today to learn more, or plan a visit and see for yourself why soft play is perfect for your family!