Soft play: the perfect activity for only children

Soft play: the perfect activity for only children
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There are numerous benefits for parents to take advantage of when they treat their son and daughter to a soft play session. However, it’s arguably children who have no brothers and sisters who stand to gain the most from this incredibly fun activity.

If you’re the parent of an only child, here are four ways soft play can aid your child when they are growing up without siblings:

  1. Interaction

Soft play gives your child a chance to interact with others of a similar age. This can be an invaluable experience, especially when you struggle to arrange play dates. Rather than wait for nursery or school, your child can begin to build their social skills if you regularly take them to soft play.

  1. Development

Soft play is proven to increase a child’s motor skills. In fact, it’s even more helpful for those children who aren’t used to sharing company with others, because they can learn to crawl and move alongside their companions. It’s also helpful for developing speech and advancing their ability to communicate with people aside from you.

  1. Independence

Parents all too often worry about how their child will interact and get along with others when they don’t have siblings. This, unfortunately, can lead mums and dads to becoming overprotective and overbearing of their child – leaving them without much freedom in the process. Luckily, soft play can allow parents peace of mind and this can, therefore, help their child develop their independence.

  1. Stimulation

It’s just not feasible for the average parent to provide as much stimulation for their child as soft play does. This is certainly true for cash-strapped mums and dads who might not want to invest in expensive toys or learning aids while knowing they won’t be used again in future.

Soft play is the way

You and your child will quickly fall in love with soft play from your very first visit, so why put off a trip? Whether you’re a proud parent of one or already have several kids in your family, be sure to experience the wonders of soft play by heading to Little Giggles.