Soft play to improve your child’s gross motor skills

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Gross motor skills refers to those skills that regulate full body movement and strength. These skills are used every day for walking, standing, running and sitting. It is important that your child develops these gross motor skills, so that they too can carry out daily functions and activities, such as getting dressed, climbing stairs safely and other self care skills.

Factors required for gross motor skills

There are several factors, or building blocks, that are needed for your child to develop gross motor skills. These include:

  1. Muscle strength
  2. Endurance
  3. Movement of muscles
  4. Muscle learning through practice and repetition of that movement
  5. Sensory processing, a response to sensory stimuli
  6. Body awareness, understanding the body’s movement in space and time
  7. Balance
  8. Coordination
  9. Proprioception, the position and correct movement of the body

The great news is that soft play can help with all of these building blocks!

How soft play can help with gross motor skills

Soft play is a fun environment where children can develop their gross motor skills through active play. All of the above skills can be achieved while they jump, run, throw, catch, hop, spin, climb, pedal, push, pull and navigate their way through the play equipment. The whole body is active, helping to strengthen those core muscles, sense of balance, and tone those little arms and legs.

Soft play equipment that can help gross motor skills

Soft play equipment should be bright and visually appealing to children, as well as being safe to explore and climb. When soft play equipment is bright, colourful and is decorated with lights, then they will also provide sensory stimulation for children, and can be beneficial for those children with communication delay and autism. Our popular soft play equipment that helps to develop those gross motor skills include climbing bars, slides and tunnels, flying balloons, water beds, merry go rounds and even giant hamster wheels! The more fun and engaging the equipment is, the more the child will want to explore and become active.

Please browse our ‘Equipment page‘ to find out what soft play equipment we can offer you and your child.