Soft play vs playing outdoors

Soft play vs playing outdoors
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As parents, we all believe in giving children every opportunity to develop in as many ways as possible. Soft play equipment and activities are specifically centred not only around great, safe fun, but also around getting lots of exercise and developing in a number of other ways.

Soft play areas are some of the best types of play area a child can experience. There are countless studies that show active play is beneficial for a child’s physical, mental, emotional and social well-being as they grow and mature. Soft play centres are among the most complete, healthy and safe environments for kids to develop through active play.

One advantage of soft indoor play areas as opposed to outdoor areas is that the risk of injury is far lower. A child who has developed an understanding of danger will feel more comfortable climbing an indoor frame surrounded by cushioned surfaces than an outdoor structure, for example. Climbing in a safe environment is a terrific form of exercise that develops coordination and limb strength, so it’s hugely beneficial for children to practice.

Soft play areas are filled with padded and inflatable pieces of equipment, with extra padding and protection throughout. The safe fun on offer is nevertheless thrilling, and a child’s fitness will improve as they venture carefree through whatever equipment they choose.

Although many soft play activities revolve around climbing and swinging to develop core strength, segments of the play area that don’t require physical exertion are still beneficial to the mind and body. For example, activities that require careful stepping or balancing are superb for a child’s coordination.

Furthermore, explorative play, in which a child must navigate a series of obstacles without help, are useful for developing confidence and letting them explore their limits and problem-solving abilities. And even the obstacles are soft, unlike outdoor ones made of solid metal or wood.

All play activities encourage communication between children, helping to nurture important emotional and social skills. A child’s physical and emotional health, particularly in their early years, lay the foundations for their development into adulthood. So give them the best opportunities early on by taking them to Little Giggles and encouraging them to play in a safe, soft environment, and watch them grow into healthy, happy little people.