Why soft play will help your kids sleep

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Soft play is a hugely popular pastime these days, and with more and more parents taking their kids to soft play centres, they are increasingly in demand. The health benefits to kids (and adults!) are enormous, and include such things as social development, stress-relief, and confidence building.

Establishing healthy sleeping patterns

One aspect of soft play parents may not be aware of, though, is that it can be great for getting your little ones off to sleep at night. There is nothing worse than bedtime approaching and seeing that your kids are still hyper and full of beans. And if they haven’t had enough activity during the day, it’s in the evening when things can get difficult – when no matter how many bedtime stories you read them, they just will not drop off into the land of nod.

Soft play sessions are fantastic for establishing healthy sleeping patterns in children, whether they are toddlers or slightly older kids in the 5-10 age group. The reason for this is quite simple: they are expending energy, making it far more likely that they will drop off to sleep at the appropriate time. And if your child feels sleepy immediately after a good soft play work out then it’s fine to let them have a little nap. It’s perfectly healthy to allow your toddler a nap of 2-3 hours per day, and the best time to do this is early in the afternoon. Don’t let them nap too late in the day however, as you may have difficulty getting them off to sleep at bedtime.

Burning off excess energy

So bring your little treasures to our caring and collaborative soft play sessions, and let them burn off their energy by running, climbing and playing. With our fantastic range of activities and apparatus – including soft balls, trampolines, climbing frames and others – they will be sure to get a fantastic workout, and have great fun while they are at it. Your kids will make new friends, learn new skills, learn sharing and cooperation, and end the session with a big smile on their face – and all the while you’ll be preparing them (and yourself!) for a good night’s sleep.