The advantages of soft play in nurseries

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The concept of soft play has been around for years, with many recognising the benefits of allowing children to explore their natural play tendencies in a safe, stimulating environment. The idea of soft play is not just used by parents, but also by nurseries, with the focus on offering a fun and educational way for children to interact with the world. With that in mind, here are just a few of the advantages of using soft play techniques in nurseries.

1)    Stimulates physical activity

Soft play environments that include different objects and obstacles encourage children to engage in physical activity, a vital skill to nurture to ensure an active and healthy life. Play can thus be supplemented whilst also gaining exercise.

2)    Nurture social skills

Soft play areas in nurseries can be an excellent way for children to interact with each other, and form vital social bonds. Whilst children engage in play, in a safe and stimulating environment, the essential skills of team work and friendship can be nurtured.

3)    Stimulates creative play

Soft play areas allow for children to fully explore their imagination and creative tendencies. The variety of different objects that can be included in a soft play environment allow for children’s imaginations to run wild, all within the safe confines of the nursery. By encouraging children to view the same soft play object as a different character or obstacle in their pretend games, you can help to stimulate their creative side.

4)    Develops all types of skills

Research conducted into the effects of soft play on a child’s learning and development have shown that regular, active play helps to build all aspects of a child’s personality. Physical skills are nurtured through active play, whilst emotional, mental, and social skills are nurtured by regular interaction with other children. Taking turns to pick the ‘game’ of the day helps children to learn how to work in a team, and value the opinion of others. These benefits are enhanced in a nursery environment, where children get the chance to interact with others of all different genders, races, and backgrounds.

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