The benefits of taking your grandchild to soft play

The benefits of taking your grandchild to soft play
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You’ll no doubt jump at the prospect of spending some time – no matter how long or short it is – with your grandchild. The issue is that most grandparents are left with this dilemma: how can you find an activity that’s both fun and also helps with the child’s development? Well, it just so happens that you can’t go wrong with heading to a soft play area if you’re keen to make your grandson or granddaughter a more well-rounded person. Rather than racking your brain looking for ideas, here are just three benefits you’ll find that an afternoon at soft play has for everyone involved.


Any time that a young child is away from their mother and father is a fantastic opportunity for them to build their independence. This can mean thinking on their feet and experimenting with new ways of communication. Soft play is an ideal space to do this because the environment is full of curiosities – including colourful equipment and different faces for the child to encounter.


Your grandchild should find soft play to be non-stop fun from the moment they arrive at the play area. The fact that you’re the one who has taken them to such an exciting environment should mean that the relationship between you both is able to grow as a result. In the long term, this can make your grandchild becomes more trusting of you and your advice, as well as comfortable in your presence.


The equipment at soft play doesn’t just provide plenty of enjoyment, but is also extremely safe and designed to help with a child’s development. As a grandparent you might not have such amusements available in your own home, so the abundance of such wonderful things should make you feel more at ease as you watch your grandchild explore the soft play area.

A day out awaits!

You’re missing a trick if you’re a grandparent who’s yet to take their grandchild to soft play. You shouldn’t just expect smiles and laughs, but also an experience that is beneficial to the child’s development. Therefore, don’t delay when it comes to planning your next visit to Little Giggles.