The four ways children develop through play

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Playing is important for many reasons and throughout their lives, children are encouraged to do so. Many educational approaches feature games and elements of play to encourage learning and see excellent results. Structured play has many benefits, but casual play is just as important. When children engage in their choice of play, particularly in a social situation such as soft play centres, they use their own imagination and freedom.

Here are the four ways children develop through play:

  1. Physically

Even play that is not directly linked to sport encourages physical activity. Simple acts of walking, running, climbing and swinging can strengthen muscles and provide effective exercise. Through play children will learn, develop and fine-tune various motor skills and apply them to their day to day lives.

  1. Mentally

In play, children must make decisions, solve problems and use their imaginations. All of this combines to encourage mental stimulation and brain power. This will have a long-term effect on a child’s ability to learn, as well as improving levels of concentration and commitment.

  1. Emotionally

Play releases endorphin’s which have a positive effect on emotional health. By enabling children to relax and enjoy themselves, play can reduce stress and anxiety. Play can also boost self-esteem and build confidence, as children are constantly testing their boundaries and exceeding their own expectations. Maintaining a positive state of emotion is vital for all aspects of development.

  1. Socially

Interacting with other children is vital for social development. Play encourages sharing, team work and companionship, enhancing a child’s ability to make new friends. Social development is valuable in all aspects of a person’s life. Through social interactions children will learn to be kind, compassionate, cooperative and fair.

Here at Little Giggles, we pride ourselves on providing a safe and exciting setting for play time. Our soft play is not only fun but highly beneficial for all aspects of child development. Play that involves sensory elements and encourages imagination is incorporated into a friendly environment where families can enjoy their time together.

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