The importance of colour in your child’s early years

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The world can truly be a colourful place. After all, you only have to step foot outside of your front door to see that the grass is green and the sky is blue. While adults might take these sights for granted, young children actually develop every time that they’re exposed to a new or vibrant colour. This, of course, is just one of the many benefits of taking your child to a soft play area. With this in mind, here’s a look at the importance of colour in your child’s early years.


An afternoon of soft play will leave your young one smiling from ear to ear. Perhaps more importantly, your child will experience different emotions – some for the first time – every time that they set their sights on a new colour. This is because colours can evoke natural reactions from within us. Green, for example, can spark feelings of harmony, balance and refreshment.


Colours offer an exciting chance to test your child’s memory and their communication skills. Since they will be attracted to the playful shades, there’s an opportunity to quiz them about what they’re seeing and finding so enthralling during soft play. Once they are familiar with the names of the colours, they should then be able to use this new information on a daily basis – whether they’re asking to eat a green apple or wear a yellow t-shirt.


Soft play areas feature colours from yellows and greens to reds and blues. These won’t just stimulate your child’s imagination, they’ll also help to increase their logic and analytical skills. This is because they’ll be learning to group items together – such as similar shades like pink and purple. These links will increase their understanding of how things can go together yet still be different.

Let your child explore!

Your son or daughter is entering a wondrous new world every time they visit a soft play area. The development that comes from these trips can give them the best possible start in life – ultimately setting them up for success in school and beyond. To experience the joys of soft play alongside your child, be sure to visit Little Giggles.