The social aspect of soft play

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Many parents feel isolated when they have a baby or toddler to care for at home. If you have previously worked full time in a busy working environment, then the shift to being alone with your child can feel daunting and lonely at times. The good news is that there are many social activities and venues out there to help both parent and child, and soft play is one of them.

Fine tune your child’s social skills

Soft play is incredibly beneficial for your child’s social development for so many reasons. They get to leave the house and can play in a fun, safe and stimulating environment. As well as being able to play and engage with you, they will also be introduced to other children of varying ages and stages of development, which will help them to develop their own social and creative play needs.

A safe, friendly social setting

Don’t forget that you also get the chance to play with your child in a safe and friendly environment. You can interact with your child and allow them to form new friendships, knowing that they are perfectly safe to run, jump and climb.

Social development and active play

Soft play means active play for your child. This means that, together with other children, they can have fun, while fine tuning those motor skills and getting plenty of exercise at the same time.

Gives you a sense of purpose

Taking your child to a soft play setting is incredibly beneficial for you, too. This is for several reasons. You get out of the house and have somewhere planned to go. Making soft play a weekly event gives you something to look forward to.

Meet other parents

Another important factor to consider is that you will meet other parents. This gives you the perfect opportunity to chat about your child’s development, or to simply have a good gossip with those who are in a similar situation.

Soft play really does benefit both parent and child. To find out more information or to get your child using our soft play equipment, get in touch with us at Little Giggles today.