The socialisation benefits of group play

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Socialisation is one of the most important aspects of childhood development because it provides the foundation for the way in which individuals interact with the world around them. One of the most important ways you can help your child to develop positive social skills is to encourage them in group play. Here at Little Giggles, our equipment is designed to support children in group play situations by bringing them together to share an interactive experience that is collaborative and fun!

Children play naturally from a very young age, simply by approaching objects with curiosity and eagerness to learn. Individual play teaches us to find joy in the world around us and develops our creative thinking. In group situations, play also teaches us effective communication in order to make our interactions with others positive and meaningful.


Group play situations allow children to spend time together creating games, solving puzzles and storytelling. Working together at this level fosters collaboration and teaches children the benefits of sharing ideas and learning from others. Peer collaboration also plays a big part in most educational structures, so understanding teamwork now will have a massive impact as your child continues through school, university and work.


Meeting new people provides children with the opportunity to overcome shyness and develop their language skills through self-expression and shared storytelling. Meeting others in a play situation often makes this experience easier for children as they immediately share a common interest in play.


Having to share toys and equipment can be an unsettling experience for children who are used to being in control of their play at home, but the experience of sharing teaches children to be patient and to respect the needs of others. In this context, children also learn to care for things that do not belong to them.

To give your child an introduction to a group play experience that is fun, interactive and enriching, come along to Little Giggles and explore our one of a kind play centre filled with equipment designed to develop your child’s social skills in new and exciting ways.