Three reasons soft play is a great summer activity

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Soft play is loved by children and makes the perfect indoor activity at all times of the year. Some people may think that soft play is a rainy day activity, but with summer just around the corner, it’s worth knowing that soft play is a great activity whatever the weather. Take a look at these three reasons why soft play is a great summer activity.

  1. Sheltered from harmful rays

Children love playing outside, and there is no denying that this is one of the perks of warm summer weather. However, some days are simply too hot for little ones to cope with. This is especially true of younger children, who have very sensitive skin and can become sick from too much exposure to the sun. Soft play offers a safe, indoor setting for those days when being outside is simply too much.

  1. Perfect for a relaxing day out

Summer day trips are fun, but often involve a lot of planning. You can’t always be sure that where you’re going is going to have a cafe, clean and accessible toilets or changing facilities. However, when you visit a soft play centre, you can be sure that all of these are available, making your day super relaxing and easy. We all like to be adventurers from time to time, but it is important to have stress-free days out too!

  1. Children can be social and active

Over the summer, particularly during school holidays, children may not interact with as many other children as usual. The absence from school can make social play less frequent for children. When you visit a soft play centre you allow your child to make new friends and interact with other children of their age, which is vital for social development. Not only that, but soft play encourages children to remain active and build on their motor skills.

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