Three ways soft play is ideal for twins

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There’s twice as much fun to be had when you’re a parent to twins. In addition, you also need to be aware that there are some obstacles to overcome when you’re raising two children instead of just one. Thankfully this is where soft play can prove invaluable. While on the surface it might just seem like a fun activity that will kill a few hours, the pastime can actually aid twins in developing and becoming well-rounded kids. With this in mind, here’s how soft play is great for twins.


Twins tend to operate within a pair unless given the chance to do otherwise. For instance, in the home – where activities are usually limited – they will both play with the same toy or watch the same television show. Sadly this doesn’t allow them much of an opportunity to forge their own independence. Luckily, soft play – with its variety of equipment and sprawling space – can allow twins to separate and hone a sense of independence.


Twins all too often are tarred with the same brush. In fact, even parents can struggle to determine the facets of their kids’ personalities that make them unique. This is because they’re generally fed the same meal and treated to the same presents. Meanwhile, you’ll see a real sense of individualism coming out of twins when at soft play because they’ll gravitate towards different colours and equipment. This can help parents to understand their children’s personality a lot better.


It can be comforting for parents to see that their children are as thick as thieves. Sadly, at the same time it can also be a source of concern. After all, the twins – while still relying on each other – should know that there are other kids out there to socialise with. This becomes a reality at soft play when they find themselves in a vibrant environment with many other happy children to interact with.

Your next day out awaits!

It’s time that you stopped worrying about the development of your twins and instead put them in an environment where they can grow and thrive. With this in mind, don’t delay in letting them enjoy soft play by taking them to Little Giggles.