Three ways soft play is perfect for brothers and sisters-to-be

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For many families, the concept of adding another child to your family can be a little daunting – especially when you’re not sure how your little one is going to react to not being the baby any more. For those big brothers and sisters-to-be, it can be a difficult transition to go from being the sole attention-getter to sharing their time with you. But when it comes to learning those essential skills, soft-play can provide a taster of what life will be like.

Here are three ways that soft play can be a benefit to teaching your children to be good big brothers and sisters:

Sharing time

Unlike at home, play in a public area such as soft play has a focus on sharing space and even toys with other children, which can often build on what your child already learns at nurseries or playgroups. In a soft play setting, it’s an excellent way to ease your child into sharing that space, and showing that if they want some ‘me time’, it’s always possible to move to another activity or spend some time alone.

Interacting with children of all ages

At soft play, children of all ages, from toddlers to primary-age children, are all taking part in activities in the same room. Working with other parents, you can introduce your child to younger children and help them show how to act around babies and toddlers – encouraging them to interact on the younger child’s terms and needs. This kind of play can be invaluable for children without siblings, helping them to improve relationships with different age groups.

Developing independence

It’s a fact that when a new baby or child is brought into a household, they are likely going to need more care and attention than an older child. For children that are primarily reliant on their parents for entertainment, this can be a difficult transition. Encouraging independence in play – such as supporting your child to participate in soft play with other children, rather than with your guidance – can prepare them for being comfortable with their independence.

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