Three ways soft play strengthens your child’s immune system

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Mums and dads hate nothing more than their child becoming ill. After all, it can be difficult to watch them suffering from running noses, sore throats and other ailments at a time when they’re perhaps still struggling to vocalise how they are feeling. Thankfully you’ll actually be taking steps to protect your son or daughter from illness if you take them to soft play. Why? Well, soft play can help strengthen your child’s immune system in a roundabout way. Here’s what you need to know about how this can happen for your son or daughter.


Exercise is a life-long remedy for keeping illness at bay. This is because stints of physical activity increase your heart rate, lower your blood pressure and help you to maintain a healthy weight. Whether your child is crawling or running around, soft play allows them to partake in much-needed exercise that will leave them fit enough to fight off different illnesses when they strike.


Young children often have unrivalled amounts of energy – as parents know all too well! This usually builds throughout the day before hopefully dropping right around bedtime. Unfortunately, if your child hasn’t enjoyed a release of energy during the day, they may resist sleeping. A constant lack of sleep can then lead to a suppressed immune system over time. Luckily a soft play area is the perfect place for your son or daughter to release all their built up energy during a day out.


You can’t – and shouldn’t – try to wrap your child up in cotton wool. Of course, you’re not exactly throwing them into the big bad world when you take them to soft play. You are, however, allowing them to come into contact with small strains of infection by being around other children. Don’t worry, this is actually a good thing because it allows your son or daughter to build up their own immune system and create a defence against the bugs going around.

Take advantage today

Soft play is fantastic for improving a child’s immune system –and it’s also loads of fun! This means that your son or daughter won’t even realise how much good it’s doing them when you’re there. Therefore, don’t wait to treat them to a day out at Little Giggles.